JAI Shree ram

A marvellous Hindu temple in Southall, the Shree Ram Mandir is a wonderfully relaxed and welcoming place of worship and wedding venue. The perfect destination for modern Hindus who yearn for a traditional wedding ceremony, the staff and trustees of Shree Ram Mandir are dedicated to providing the best service they can. A visually engaging Mandir that welcomes visitors of all faiths, Shree Ram is a real reflection of the multi-cultural nature of modern Britain. Delightful staff, fantastic ceremonies and a joyful atmosphere make Shree Ram Mandir one of the favourite venues to visit and record.

”A Religious Institution. A Registered Charity"

Mandir (Hindu temple) is a place where we find unfathomable solace. We welcome all, without any bias and/or prejudice.

Preeti bhoj

Preeti bhoj is prepared in the mandir . It is a pure vegetarian freshly prepared free for all meal for everyone. 

classes & Events

There are various classes and events regularly organised at Mandir campus. Special classes for Hindi learning, Food and Hygiene were organised.Karwa Chauth was also celebrated where all married ladies get dressed beautifully and fast for long life of their husbands. 

Our Activities

The best way to experience the festivities is to visit the temple. Follow the voice of your heart and visit Shree Ram Temple for a beautiful life changing experience.

contact Us

  • Shree Ram Mandir, 22 King Street, Southall, UB2 4DA
  • 0208 574 5276
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